Custom Fine Art Wedding Invitations & Calligraphy


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Is it worth the investment?

We can all agree on the fact that anything bespoke, custom-tailored to you, will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Bespoke invitations are absolutely beautiful. They are timeless. They are exquisite.

Read more in depth of the beautiful meaning behind the worth of your bespoke stationery on our blog HERE.

How much do your invitations cost?

With all of our invitations being custom-tailored for each client, all projects will vary greatly. The total/individual investment for save-the-dates, invitation suites, and reception pieces will be determined by paper choice, printing method, how many cards per suite, the quantity needed, as well as embellishment add-ons and any other additional services.

Our current minimum investment for custom stationery begins at $2,500. Your wedding paper budget must be at least $2,500 regardless of the number of invitation suites needed. Clients with L&P invest an average budget between $5,000 - $10,000 in paper. This may include all of the stationery for your wedding: save-the-dates, invitations + add-ons, handwritten envelope calligraphy, and day-of reception pieces.

Our standard pricing includes the following:

  • Unlimited artwork and calligraphy for your invitation suite

  • Sourcing materials best suited for your design and budget

  • Printing

  • Full assembly

  • Envelope stuffing, applying postage and mailing

  • Two complimentary invitation suite sets in a glass heirloom box

    • Photographer’s package (for wedding photography & styling)

*Assembly details (add-ons like envelope calligraphy, fine twine, silk ribbon, wax seals, vintage stamps, etc.) are not included with initial quote. We price out all add-on costs during our sketching stage.

For custom calligraphy orders, our current investment begins at $500. You may click HERE for more information and to also see if we are a good fit within your aesthetic and budget.

We pride ourselves in working with only the highest quality materials and specialty printing. For a personalized quote, please head on over to our Inquire page.

is there a minimum or maximum number of invitations needed per order?

We do not have a minimum or maximum per order, however we do have a minimum investment for all custom stationery at $2,500 regardless of the number of invitation suites needed.


It is important to remember to count household rather than individual guest. We recommend ordering 5%-10% additional invitation suites to account for any missing pieces lost in the mail or for last-minute add-ons. Your family may also want to have some as keepsakes.

If extras are needed after your invitations have been printed, it will cost the client double for each additional re-ordered suite. It is very expensive to reprint, assemble, calligraph, and re-mail. Any extras will be mailed back to the client at the completion of the project. When in doubt, order extras!

Can I purchase design only services and have them printed somewhere else?

No, Leslie & Paper is a design-print company only. It is important for us to oversee the complete process from start to finish to ensure the highest quality for our clients.

How far in advance should i place my invitation order?

We recommend inquiring 12 months or more (for project orders that include save-the-dates) and at least 8 to 10 months (for main invitation project orders) before your wedding date. Our booking is scheduled months in advance and, due to the nature of custom work, we only accept a limited amount of projects each year. This allows us to provide our amazing clients with the highest quality service they deserve. It is always best to reach out as soon as you know you would like to work with us.

Based on your wedding month, use the calendar guide below to approximate when you should place your invitation order. Placing your order earlier than your wedding month also ensures that your invitations will be ready with plenty of time.

place your order by July and mail in November

place your order by August and mail in December

place your order by September and mail in January

place your order by October and mail in February

place your order by November and mail in March

place your order by December and mail in April

place your order by January and mail in May

place your order by February and mail in June

place your order by March and mail in July

place your order by April and mail in August

place your order by May and mail in September

place your order by June and mail in October

when should i mail out my wedding invitations?


6 - 8 months before your wedding date

Destination Save-the-dates

9 - 12 months before your wedding date

Wedding Invitations

6 - 8 weeks before your wedding date, but we suggest longer if save-the-dates were not sent

Destination Wedding Invitations

10 - 12 weeks before your wedding date, but we suggest longer if save-the-dates were not sent

What currency is your pricing?  

All our pricing is in USD.

Who owns the property and rights to the designs once they have been produced by the Designer and paid for by the Client?

Leslie & Paper LLC retains the ownership of its copyright in any and all designs pursuant to federal copyright law. Any and all work produced in connection with, are expressly and solely owned by Leslie & Paper LLC.

What if we love our custom designed artwork? May we buy the digital file for personal use only?

Yes, you have the opportunity to purchase our extended use license which allows unlimited use of a digital file version of the artwork, that was custom created for you, for personal use only. We have clients work with their wedding planner (or themselves) to use their custom artwork on tangible wedding details, cocktail foiled napkins, wedding cake, dance floor artwork, etc. The possibilities are endless! Please email us for information.

what if i am looking for reception paper goods as well (menus, place cards, etc.)?

All of our full-service stationery client orders have the opportunity to reserve a spot if they choose to continue with our services for their day-of stationery. Normally, our clients who book their custom invitations will also reserve their day-of pieces with us to ensure the cohesion of their wedding brand.

If you are looking for custom calligraphy for your reception paper goods only, please head over to Custom Calligraphy to view our different options for calligraphy styles, projects, and to see if we fit within your aesthetic and budget.

*At this moment, we are not accepting custom reception paper goods orders, custom calligraphy orders for signage, vows, poems, or other individual commissioned pieces of this nature; this type of service is only available for our full-service wedding stationery clients.*

how long does the process take?

Our standard turnaround times (unless otherwise noted):

  • Custom Invitation Design: 8-16 weeks from start to finish depending upon printing method, sourcing, and proofing process. We begin your design process 4-6 months prior to your wedding date (if you booked save-the-dates: design process begins 10-12 months prior your wedding date)

  • Custom Invitation (Initial Proof Design): 7-14 business days

  • Letterpress/Foil Printing: 4-6 weeks after final proof approval

  • Digital Printing: 2-3 weeks after final proof approval

  • Envelope Calligraphy: 2-3 weeks from receipt of the final list and delivery of envelopes

  • All Other Related Calligraphy Projects: 2-3 weeks from receipt of the final list and delivery of project materials

For more information about our process, please visit the Our Process Overview page.

Can you GUARANTEE that my order will be delivered by my SPECIFIED date?

We will make every effort to have your order completed before your due date. However, as all work is done by hand, we cannot guarantee that your order will be received by your delivery date. If your order is delayed, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Some reasons why your order may be delayed (but can easily be avoided):

  • Client has gone through more than three rounds of proofing,* thus delaying the printing & mailing due dates.

  • Delays in approving the proofs will push back the turnaround time of your order.

  • Client has not communicated with Designer and/or has not submitted the required information in a timely fashion, thus delaying printing & mailing due dates.

  • Delay in final payment or any remaining balance will prevent your product from shipping until payment is received.

*We offer our clients unlimited rounds of revisions. However, please be advised that the more rounds of proofing will result in the elongation of your completion date. Please aim to make your proofing changes in under three rounds, or your mail date will be extended by approximately one week per round. We provide an estimate of the completion time for each project and base our own productivity on that average.

Can I add more envelope addresses after my order has completed?

No, please make sure your list is finalized prior to the start of the project (for custom calligraphy orders). For custom invitation orders, your guest address list must be finalized at the time your design proof is approved for printing. In the event that an address needs to be added, you will be subject to our availability plus a set-up fee and billed at double the cost of one quoted guest addressed envelope price*.

*Example: $5.00 per guest addressed envelope would become $10.00 per guest addressed envelope.

why do i have to provide extra envelopes when purchasing calligraphy addressing?

Mistakes are unavoidable when it comes to handwritten work. It is an industry standard to ensure your calligrapher is provided with at least 20% or 20 additional card stock envelopes (whichever is more) for all envelope calligraphy and return address printed orders.

Handmade or textured envelopes require 30% extra for all orders. The fibrous texture of handmade envelopes are incredibly delicate that can lead to calligraphic errors but render absolutely gorgeous results.

I received an envelope that has an incorrect address on it. Will you send a corrected one?

First and foremost, we are truly sorry if you received an envelope with an incorrect address. Please email Leslie & Paper a complete list of the guests’ names and addresses that will need corrections within 48 hours of receiving the order and we will replace it for free. However, if the mistake is found in the address list submitted by the client, there will be a set-up cost with an additional error fee added to the client’s order. Your addresses are written exactly as they appear on your address list and we do not make etiquette or spelling corrections.

Please note, client submitted error corrections are subjected to our open availability.

will all my envelopes look exactly the same?

Each address will look different depending on the letters, length of names, street names, etc. and will differ visually upon comparison. The nature of hand-addressed envelopes will always vary compared to that of printed addresses. This is part of the beauty of handwritten calligraphy! Each envelope is a single work of art. It must be appreciated as such.

What is your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of all of our work, we do not offer refunds or returns. Also, please keep in mind when ordering handwritten envelope calligraphy, no two pieces will be identical. Should you have any questions or concerns on any of your finished pieces, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

do you provide your services and ship internationally?

Yes! We provide custom stationery and calligraphy services for Domestic & International clients. *We do not provide curated vintage stamps or postage + mailing for internationally-based clients when booked for custom wedding paper goods. This add-on (vintage stamps) service is only available for (USA) Domestic clients.

*Wedding invitation suites will be mailed fully assembled in-house minus postage. Internationally-based clients bear the responsibility of postage assembly + mailing only.